A day with DanceBourne Arts


Experience life as a professional dancer


 DanceBourne Arts is offering a unique chance for dance students to spend the day training and rehearsing with the company. The special intensive day will include a company class, pointe and pirouette coaching, classical and contemporary repertoire from our upcoming programme, Balance.




 Luanne Hyson: Artistic director/choreographer/dancer (Technique class, pointe and classical repertoire)

 Chiara Ferri: Assistant director/dancer (Technique class and pirouette coaching)

 Rain Francis: Choreographer/dancer (Contemporary repertoire)

 Kathleen Skipp: Choreographer/dancer (Contemporary repertoire) 


 Where and When?


 Sunday 3 April 2016, 10am - 3pm

 Melbourne School of Classical Dance, 1/62 Rose St, Fitzroy North


 Intensive details


 Special rate of just $89 for the full day

 Open to all dance student 12 + (limited places available)

 Please email artsdancebourne@gmail.com your name to register.

Terms and Conditions of Intensive workshops

Parents/guardians must give emergency consent contact and details upon registration. Any pre-existing medical conditions or illnesses must be brought to the attention of the Director and staff. You must also give your consent to call an ambulance in the case of an emergency requiring medical treatment. Failure to provide this information is the sole responsibility of the parent/guardian. Parents/guardians will always be contacted as soon as possible if a medicial emergency occurs and action will be taken the provide the participant in question access to medical care.