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Laura Manicone


Laura began her professional dance studies and advanced training course at the Balletto di Toscana School in Florence, Italy and later went on to specialise and develop her contemporary dance technique at the Opus Ballet School of Florence, Italy. Laura has worked as a freelance artist for numerous professional contemporary dance companies in Italy. Laura has engaged and embarked on many innovative and creative independent projects and dedicated her time to her passion of teaching contemporary dance.

With a strong desire to study anatomy and the movement of the body in depth, Laura obtained the qualification to teach the Body Code System method at the Il Vortice Centre of Florence. In 2015, she was selected to participate in the MoDem Pro project promoted by the Zappalà Danza Company. In the same year Laura took inspiration and decided to expand her experience overseas by moving to Melbourne. In July 2016 Laura was selected to take part in the prestigious One Body One Career intensive Countertecnhnique course with Melbourne based contemporary dance company - Chunky Move.

In Melbourne, Laura continues her career as a freelance dancer and teacher. Recognising Laura’s talent and experience, it is with pleasure that in January 2019 Laura was engaged as a contemporary teacher with Melbourne Studio of Ballet school and invited to choreograph for Dancebourne Arts’ new work SURFACE for their POINTE, LINE & SURFACE programme 2019.

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