Sara Di Segna


Sara is a contemporary dancer and performance maker focused on creating new works in collaboration with artists and creators from multiple disciplines. Originally from Italy, she began her studies at the National Dance Academy in Rome and received a scholarship from the Duncan 3.0 Formative Centre, where she completed the biennium of Professional Improvement in Contemporary Dance and Performative Arts.

Sara's early career focused on Contemporary dance and improvisation technique. Having worked extensively in Europe she moved to Melbourne in 2014, where she became a founding member and dance curator for the Independent Theatre Company InHelvetica. Between 2017 and 2018 Sara produced her first original works, which were successfully presented at Theatre and Dance Festivals.

Sara has worked independently as a dance performer in Melbourne and regional projects with many influential choreographers.

Recognising her attributes and experience it is with pleasure that Sara has been engaged as a dancer for Dancebourne Arts’ upcoming programmes scheduled in 2020/21.