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2019 Programme

Pointe, Line and Surface

Pointe, Line and Surface

Dancebourne Arts proudly present a renewed version of their first original programme Pointe, Line & Surface.

Paraphrasing Wassily Kandinsky's theoretical work on abstract painting, 'Pointe, Line and Surface' defines and expresses the elemental nature of dance through three pieces exploring the themes of technique, alignment and movement and the evolution of classical dance through time.

Paying tribute to one of the first Prima Ballerinas, Marie Taglioni, the first piece "Pointe" is based on a famous romantic choreography from 1845 that takes us back to the time when classical dancers initiated to dance en pointe with non-athletic and yet technically controlled posture.

In the second piece "Line", a neoclassical piece choreographed by Artistic Director Luanne Hyson, the audience is transported from classical antiquity to the technical advancement of classical dance and artistic representation from the 20th century.

With the third piece "Surface", inspirational choreographer Laura Manicone explores the influential and experimental work of the great pioneers of contemporary dance deriving yet challenging the boundaries of classical dance in our 21st century contemporary age.

Pointe, Line and Surface 2019

Darebin Arts Centre, Preston

Line & Surface | Preview

Renaissance Theatre

Surface | Preview

Renaissance Theatre