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FIVE ELEMENTS - Gasworks Arts Park Season 2023

Dancebourne Arts is proud to perform their highly acclaimed "Five Elements" programme as part of the Moving Parts Season 2023 at Gasworks Arts Park on Saturday 16 September at 4.30pm & 7.30pm.

Dancebourne Arts "FIVE ELEMENTS" has been developed and re-sculpted over a three-year period following much deliberation in overseeing a stunning choice of classical and contemporary music (Chopin, Einaldi, Sculthorpe, Debussy, Josh Mitchell & Shorter) and an expressive and reflective style of movement incorporated in the choreography.
Our world and the matter of which we are is made up of the five great universal elements: earth, water, fire, air, and void. These five elements and the ongoing fascination and mystery of their co-existing balance is explored and interpreted with breathtaking classical, contemporary and aerial dance responses.

FIVE ELEMENTS  - Gasworks Arts Park Season 2023
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