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Artistic Development Program 2024

January - December 2024. Program is annual or per term.
Optional, part-time hours: 10 hours per week over 3 days or 20 hours per week over 4 days.

This special development program will provide a handful of selected young artists, who have already completed full time classical and/or contemporary training, with a unique opportunity to gain first time experience training and working within a small professional dance company. The program is designed to develop young dancers technically and artistically, whilst providing performance opportunities and experience working with DBA artistic staff and DBA choreographers and artists of Dancebourne Arts.

Program participation is by online or private audition at Dancebourne Arts studios, 26 D Ford Crescent, Thornbury 3071.



Please send CV/expression of interest to: ADP - Dancebourne Arts - Att: Luanne Hyson & Chiara Ferri

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